Technology Associate Program

​​​​​​​Technology Associate Program
The Technology Associate Program (TAP) is designed for recent STEM graduates and early career technology professionals. This program provides you the opportunity to gain hands-on technical experience working on real business projects and programs. At the same time, you will develop leadership and communication skills, enhance your technical acumen, and grow your knowledge of the insurance industry. Chubb is looking for individuals passionate about technology to join TAP!
Technology Associate Program
The two-year program includes:
  • On-the-job experience and technical training to enhance your skills
  • Business acumen and professional development training
  • Networking opportunities, including an annual conference, with technology and business leadership and peers
  • Exposure to executive leadership
  • Competitive hackathons
The Technology Associate Program hires talent in emerging technology areas, including:

Information Security

Our Security Team evaluates, tests, recommends, develops, coordinates, monitors, and maintains information security policies, procedures and systems. They ensure that security architecture/designs, plans, controls, processes, standards, policies and procedures are aligned with security standards. They proactively detect security threats and exposures, determine the causes of security violations and implement procedures to prevent future incidents. They also develop techniques and procedures for conducting security risk assessments and compliance audits. 
Information Security

Data Science & Analytics

Our Data Analysts focus on the collection and management of data from multiple sources within the company. They are also responsible for the distribution or delivery of components of that information to business partners and stakeholders. Emphasis is also on the distilling of data into business relevant insights and modeling for storage and master data management. Digital analytics and data science roles and creation and distribution of data modeling are also key components of our Analytics teams. 


Our Architects develop and maintain organizational standards and guidelines that determine what, how, and where information will be collected, stored, processed, transmitted, presented, and used consistently throughout the organization. They are also responsible for designing and developing IT architecture solutions and platforms to support the business, ensuring an integrated architecture across interdependent technologies.


Our Software Engineers design, develop, code, implement and maintain application systems used to support business and customers leveraging emerging technologies. They are also responsible for various aspects of the design and coding of programs, testing, and partnering with the business on rollout, education, and implementation. 

Scrum & Agile

Our Project Managers and Scrum Masters are responsible for all aspects of the development and implementation of assigned projects and programs, and for selecting the appropriate delivery approach. They also lead project/sprint planning, resourcing, staffing, supply and subcontract management, progress reporting, troubleshooting, and risk mitigation. They ensure project results meet requirements regarding quality, reliability, schedule and cost. Additionally, they montior performance and recommend schedule changes, cost adjustments or resource additions.

UX/UI Design

Our UX/UI Designers are responsible for product visual interface and structure. They facilitate user-friendly designs that emphasize translating user processes into straightforward user interfaces (UI) and navigation flows. They present results of usability analyses to project teams and upper management with findings and recommendations while establishing and maintaining UI standards and style guides. They also collaborate with a team of designers, researchers, and engineers, brainstorming concepts from a customer’s viewpoint. It is critical for them to stay informed on technology and research on customer preferences, identifying opportunities to apply new technologies and interaction patterns to enhance customer experience.

Process Automation

Our Process Automation Team designs, develops, and implements scalable process automation solutions that drive efficiencies, enhance productivity, and improve business performance. They identify, evaluate, and operationalize business process automation opportunities across the organization and develop vision and strategy for solutions and technologies that automate business processes. They also evaluate emerging process automation platforms, technologies, and trends and partner with leaders across multiple functions to understand automation needs and translate those requirements into effective technology roadmaps. 

What Our People Say...

“My most impactful memory was when I had an opportunity to ask Evan a question at a Town Hall about what drives him in his career as a CEO… his response was to make sure I learn by doing, but also to make sure I had a passion for what I’m doing.”
Anthony Belgrave
Scrum Master Lead at Chubb
“I really enjoyed the fact that I was trusted with such great projects from the very beginning and not treated like an entry level employee. We felt so valued and the interaction with leadership was pretty amazing.”

​​​​​​​Pragya Mishra
Solution Architect at Chubb
“Working on the EAGLE project, it was great to see how well rounded and diverse we all were and how easy it was to work and support each other because we had the same technology mindset. I’m looking forward to seeing how we grow from here.”
Casey Schoeller
Data Analyst at Chubb
Rodantny Reyes
“Chubb has a lot of opportunities where you can make a positive impact and get recognized for it. I had a number of mentors over the past two years, and I learned and grew a lot and that was very rewarding.”
Rodantny Reyes
Sr. Software Engineer at Chubb
Nick Cockcroft
"What I enjoyed about being a part of TAP was knowing there were people like me, trying to work hard, think different, and grow with each other. I think we are prepared to take on whatever is ahead for us on this journey.”
Nick Cockcroft
Jr. UX Designer at Chubb

Learn about our Technology Associate Program

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Current full-time and intern opportunities to join TAP
We are currently hiring for early career opportunities to join the program, including both full-time and internship openings. Review our openings and apply today!

What Our Leaders Say…

In 2018 Chubb launched a Technology Associate Program (TAP) to expand its talent pipeline with diverse early career professionals. The two-year program offers an accelerated induction into the insurance business, exposure to senior executives and the ability to grow as technologists.